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UPS Systems & Services

Finding the right partner to maintain your uninterruptible power supply is one of the most important decisions your team will make. At Power-Fact, we understand that your organization’s needs are unique. We bring our expert knowledge and unmatched service to your exact set of requirements.
Power-Fact offers a comprehensive lineup of home UPS as well as commercial UPS equipment and services for a variety of facilities, from data centers to hospitals.

Services we provide:






If you need immediate emergency service on your backup power system, please call +919824032645 -OR- complete the form to submit your request. Regardless of whether you are an existing customer or not, we would be happy to assist you in resolving your issue so you can get back up and running again as quickly as possible.


Full-Service UPS Maintenance Programs

Quality Power Solutions provides comprehensive uninterruptible power supply maintenance programs for both the small network-ready UPS to the large multi-module systems. Whatever the needs of your power backup system, our routine maintenance service provides around-the-clock peace of mind. Full-service UPS maintenance includes both emergency service and preventative maintenance. Our technicians are on hand 24×7 for any emergency service. We schedule regular preventative maintenance inspections on the UPS and batteries during the contract period. These types of regular inspections are vital to ensuring your power backup system works when you need it most.


Preventative Maintenance Programs

Regular maintenance and thorough inspections are the keys to reducing downtime. Critical power backup equipment like a UPS System and generator will fail without proper preventative maintenance, especially when they are located in harsh, dusty, or corrosive environments.


Power-Fact builds custom preventative maintenance programs for UPS systems and batteries to ensure you are prepared for anything.

Our preventative maintenance programs include:

  • Regularly scheduled full-service UPS maintenance

  • Total battery system inspections

  • Load Bank Testing

And by total system inspection, we do mean a complete inspection of all critical components including batteries, engine, generator, cooling systems, automatic transfer switches, and wiring.

In addition, we offer other preventative maintenance services such as battery care, and battery replacements to keep your systems running at optimal levels.


Battery Maintenance and Replacement for UPS Systems

Batteries are the most critical elements of UPS performance. In fact, battery failure is the number one cause of UPS load loss and system downtime during a power outage or similar interruption. Preventing battery failure is key to ensuring your systems stay running. We are the experts in UPS battery upkeep. We analyze the interaction between batteries and UPS systems to provide facilities with multiple UPS battery maintenance solutions in two important areas: battery testing and battery replacement. Don’t let a battery failure cause an outage.

Battery Testing: In conjunction with our UPS maintenance service, our battery capacity testing services ensure the reliability, safety, and integrity of your UPS system. The Power-Fact team uses state-of-the-art Testing Equipment and provides you with a Field Service Report to relay accurate data about battery performance.

Battery Replacement: Managing UPS battery replacement projects is a complex endeavor. We understand that every manufacturer requires different battery performance and specifications, and we manage every step of the process, from selection and installation to removal and recycling.



Looking for new/refurbished UPS Batteries & Battery Systems?

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